Rezio is a functional system but simple to use, which is beneficial to the operation team and the guests. We hope that Rezio will continue to develop various features to make it even more convenient.

- Avanti Air Charter in Thailand

Avanti Air Charter Company is a company providing seaplane air travel services. Initially, we were using Cessna 208 Caravan amphibious aircraft. And since the beginning of this year, we will be importing more before 2022. Over the next 4 years, we plan to have a total of 4 aircraft. Starting this year, we will be running a sightseeing business, guided tours in Phuket. With the beautiful world-class scenery such as waterfalls, mountains, and dams the bays and islands around Phuket.

We sincerely hope that this year we will be able to get chartered airline approval from CAAT and fly connections between islands to make Thailand tourism a more developed flight plan, which includes Phuket Island to Phi Phi Island, Phi Phi Island to Koh Lanta Island, and  Koh Lanta to Phuket which is the 3 main routes for tourists to travel.

We saw this opportunity to provide a more convenient service. To make the tourists have an unforgettable experience, Avanti Air Charter will offer the best value travel. Covering the largest number of tours industry in southern Thailand, we aim to expand more regions and target foreign tourists who are excited to have a new and unique experience offering the best and most convenient Airplane Sightseeing travel.

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  • What are the reasons you considered using rezio?

    Why do we have to use Rezio? It is because the system we were looking for must fit our needs, be easy booking and be functional. Since the time we tried Rezio's system, we found this system to be fun and has many valuable features. Make the customer easier to make a booking and use the b2b function to connect with other partners (travel agencies). Compared to other systems, these features make Rezio more interesting and special.

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What are your favorite rezio features?

Rezio is a booking management system including a website, after using it for a while, what I like the most is the “add options”. For example, we can have a customized tour or an exclusive tour, which gives customers more choices. When you are in the system, you can see each customer’s booking, and you can also download the rezio app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store without having to use it from a computer, which is very convenient. We also love the ”Sales Calendar”. The sales calendar in the Rezio is very convenient to see which products are available for sale and which products are sold out already. Additionally, we can also adjust the content of each product. For example, when this product is changed, we can edit the content immediately, this is also very helpful. The rezio app is convenient and it's great to check your booking anytime.

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What is your expectation after adopting rezio's services?

We have used the Rezio for a while, rezio is a functional system but simple to use, which is beneficial to the operation team and the guests. In the future, we hope that Rezio will continue to develop various features to make it even more convenient. In order to benefit more companies and customers in the future.

  • Say a few words to the rezio team!

    From the impression of the Rezio team, I have to admit that the Rezio team is a very professional team. Including online teaching is also easy to understand. And the plan for the course is also impressive to me. For example, I was asked to follow the schedule to operate step by step, so I can keep up with it more accurately, and it is not too difficult. In addition to regularly tracking the results, the Rezio team is also very attentive and careful to provide advice. They gave our team a lot of great advice.

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