The COVID-19 pandemic has made us (Nami Island) think about the future development of tourism. Due to the impact of this pandemic we will need a contactless ticketing solution, that is nimble enough to keep up with the market changes and yet ensure sustainable growth thus we decided to adopt rezio’s solutions such as the maintenance of visitors' details, crowd control, and sales management which can be instantaneously accessible through the rezio backend system.

Nami Island

Nami Island welcomes more than three million visitors annually, thus with rezio powering the whole booking and ticketing solution for Nami Island, this has enabled us to have a comprehensive ticketing solution making us future-ready and sustainable.

Given the current pandemic, the usage of facial recognition and body temperature management tool from rezio can make visitors feel more assured when entering the island, enabling Nami Island to effectively monitor visitor’s information and allocate on-site manpower to perform CMS and CRM analysis.

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How did Nami Island benefit from rezio?

The ticketing process has become contactless from purchasing, redeeming, and entering Nami Island. With rezio, the enhanced contactless service solution provides visitors with a peace of mind, as they will be able to purchase their QR Code tickets from online channels and scan them at the turnstiles reducing the risk of contact.

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For customers who may be unfamiliar with the online ticket purchases, self-service ticketing kiosks are also set up at the entrance. This effectively caters to the different profiles of visitors.

  • Which rezio feature do you like most?

    The most impressive feature of rezio is its system openness and versatility. Traditionally, CMS Management has always been a very closed system which restricted our operations and led to numerous restrictions on our operating system. With the usage of rezio, I believe that the biggest advantage is the degree of openness.

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Kindly share a few words to the team that supported the digital transformation of Nami Island.

I am really impressed with the passion and enthusiasm of the team. They are very professional and actively support clients like ourselves with their hard work and dedication. With such commitment, we are confident in thriving in the Korean market with rezio’s support and strive to grow our brand and business in the region. Thank you everyone at rezio.

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