“Rezio makes our business operation so convenient and the team is always on hand to give immediate assistance as compared to other booking systems that I have experienced!”

- Events & Operations Manager Brenda, The Seriously Fun Group

Singapore’s premiere family indoor playground recreation and leisure centre, and the most preferred venue for kids indoor birthday parties.

The Polliwogs offer seriously FUN memories in a safe and hygienic environment. There are multiple adventurous attractions and diverse programs to facilitate social interactions between families and encourage the fostering of new friendships.

Indulge in delicious healthy food and snacks; meet The Polliwogians – Rocky, Larry, Poco and Bobby; throw a themed kid’s birthday party; get creative with our weekly activities; and much much more. Featuring state of the art play equipment, custom built to promote parent-child bonding through multi-sensory play.

Each centre also offers a dedicated play arena for toddlers that encourages the development of fine motor skills, as well as a comfortable lounge area with free wireless network for the adults. FUN Ambassadors are always ready to organize exciting activities and unforgettable celebrations for that special day in every child and parents’ lives.

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What are the reasons for choosing rezio as your booking platform?

  • At first, we use an alternative ticketing solution, however we realised that the fees are quite expensive and the online booking turnaround time is not as instantaneous hence we decided to source for another solution. With the introduction of rezio complemented by their free trial promotion, one of the key features is their channel management solutions where we are now able to manage and control all the bookings and inventory using one system without worrying about overbooking.

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What are the advantages of using rezio?

  • After the guest purchases the ticket online, they will be able to scan the QR Code provided on their voucher to enter the venue on the day of the event. Our operations team will also be able to use the rezio mobile app to perform customer redemptions as an admin user. Rezio also has an excellent account management team that is always on hand to resolve our system requirements and optimise our operations.

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Say a few words to the rezio team!

We really appreciate the rezio team for optimising the system regularly, updating and introducing new products to aid in our business operations. The team is always contactable via Whatapp, which allows our our operations to be carried out very smoothly. Hence, we have also added 2 new facilities this year and will continue to renew contracts with rezio.

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